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Section 8 Wait List

Housing Information

Welcome to the waiting list search portal. Please read the information below.

What will you need to check your status?

  • The primary applicant's ID number.

How do I check the waiting list? Waiting List information is now available online.

Click HERE to reach the search portal.

  • Enter the Applicant ID number where requested. (including the dashes)

What do I do once I get my waiting list number?

  • Check our website periodically for changes.

What can I do to help ensure that my notification letter gets to me?

  • Keep your address updated with PCHA.
  • Send any changes to PCHA in writing . Here's the address:

(Changes-Waiting List App)
PO Box 45410
Tacoma, WA 98448-0410

Read and follow the notification letter carefully.

  • Return the packet within 10 days as stated in your notification letter.
  • If we mail notification to you and your letter/packet has been returned, or you do not respond, you will be withdrawn from the list.

I entered my ID number, but it says it couldn't be located. Now what?

  • If you get an error that states ID number you entered could not be located, click on the return to search link and try again. Most such errors will be the result of simple typographical errors.
  • If you get a message that states a notification letter has been sent, watch your mail for the letter and follow the directions.
  • If you reenter your ID number, and it still won't work, please call 620-5400 and explain that you could not get results using the waiting list online portal search.
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