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Section 8 Wait List

Housing Information

Welcome to the waiting list search portal. Please read the information below.

 Section 8 Wait List Status

 What will you need to check your status?

If you aren't already registered to use our On-Line Waiting List (OWL) portal, you will need to create a user ID.  Registration requires:

  • Create a user name
  • Create a user password
  • Email address
  • Social Security Number of Applicant

 How do I check my status the waiting list?

  • Click HERE to reach the search On-line Wait List (OWL) portal.

 What do I do once I get my waiting list number?

  • Check the On-line Waiting List portal periodically for changes.  Be sure to notify us of any contact information changes such as address, phone number and email address.

 What can I do to help ensure that my notification letter gets to me?

 Read and follow the notification letter carefully.

  • Return the packet within 10 days as stated in your notification letter.
  • If we mail notification to you and your letter/packet has been returned, or you do not respond, you will be withdrawn from the list.

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