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Current Clients and Residents

Yardi Resident Portal

**Addressing Tenant Concerns Regarding Rent and the Temporary Suspension of Evictions for Nonpayment of Rent Informational Flyer **

Links to the forms presented here are for the use of current PCHA clients and residents.

Affordable Housing Residents

Apartment Tenant Notice to Vacate (pdf)– A form to complete and turn in to your Property Manager  

Make a Payment On-line Using Pay Lease– You will need your monthly billing statement to register the first time you log in

Submit Work Order Request – Report a Repair or Maintenance Work Item

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Clients

Main Phone: 253.620.5400
Main Fax: 253.620.5455

Contact Us  – Contact Form


Top Questions to Ask yourself when considering relocation– If you are considering relocation start here!

Landlord Referral Listing – Section 8 Landlord Referral List

Relocation Procedures– If have questions on a current relocation, please review before contacting your Housing Specialist directly.

Porting in to the Pierce County Housing Authority? You will need to make contact with your current Housing Authority and request a portability packet be sent to PCHA. This portability packet can be mailed, emailed to, or faxed by your current Housing Authority.  Please allow 10-14 business days for this process to be completed and know that you may be asked to supply additional or updated information. Your initial Housing Authority is not required to submit your entire file to us. Once the file review is completed you will be contacted by your assigned Housing Specialist and an appointment will be scheduled accordingly.

The Pierce County Housing Authority is currently BILLING all incoming ports.

Pierce County Housing Authorities Jurisdiction Map– A Pierce County Housing Choice Voucher can only be utilized out side of the city limits of Tacoma. When looking for a new unit it is important to make sure that your unit can be covered by our Agency.

Neighborhood Statistics Booklet– A  breakdown of the area in which you may choose to relocate

December 1st 2023 Payment Standards– Current payment standard being used to calculate unit eligibility. This is the maximum subsidy a family may be eligible to receive. **Please note that you will be issued a formal break down based on your household’s composition and income once relocation has been requested**

Utility Allowance Schedule-The amount designated by the public housing agency as a family’s reasonable allowance to cover its monthly utility bills. This is used to determine a household eligibility for a unit once a completed Request for Tenancy Approval has been returned. 


If you are missing a form, need an extra, can’t obtain the documentation being requested or simply need additional resources, please check here:

Asset Verification Form

Briefing Packet-New Admission

Briefing Packet  PB-New Admission

Change of Circumstance Form – This form is required for reporting change in household composition but may also be used to report any income changes. All changes MUST be reported within 10 (ten) days of the change occurring. This includes temporary employment, seasonal employment, temporary increases to work hours, temporary absence from the household; any change that may affect the amount of subsidy paid on your behalf whether or not as an increase or a decrease. **This list is not all inclusive.

Child Support Verification Form

Certification of Disability Form – This form is to be returned to verify a disability if you are not currently receiving SSI benefits.

Community Resource Guide – This packet contains contact information for different resources in the community that you may be interested in such as clothing banks, veteran information, transportation assistances, mental health resources, etc.

Debts Owed Informational Flyer

Declaration of Eligibility 214 – This form is required for all household members, declaring citizenship status.

Employment Verification Form – To be completed when beginning new employment or ending employment. Form will then be emailed, faxed or mailed directly to the employer to confirm hire dates, wages, etc.

Family Obligations form – This document is to be signed at least annual by all adult household members. This contains a list of program rules and regulations that you must abide by to maintain program compliance and continue receiving assistances.

Hud 2502-0581 application supplement – This form is to be completed for us to discuss your housing with non-household members

Hud 9886 Release – to be signed completed by all adult household members authorizing HUD and your Housing Provider to request income information from the sources listed on the form. HUD and the HA need this information to verify your household’s income, in order to ensure that you are eligible for assisted housing benefits and that these benefits are set at the correct level. HUD and the HA may participate in computer matching programs with these sources in order to verify your eligibility and level of benefits.

How your rent is determined This informational packet discuss more in depth how your rent is calculated, what constitutes included versus excluded income and explains your allowable expenses and deductions while you are an assisting client. This is a general guide regarding the responsibilities of the Housing Authority and the clients regarding income disclosures and verifications.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure

Live in Aide-Certification-this is the form to be completed and returned once your Reasonable Accommodation request approved and you have identified your Live in Aide.

Live in Aide-PIH Notice-this is an informational flyer regarding what constitutes and live in aide and how and when the Housing Authority can provide a subsidy for said persons

Marijuana Memorandum -Although Marijuana is approved recreationally and medicinally for use in the State of Washington it it not federally recognized and therefore you cannot engage in the use in your federally assisted unit.

Notice of Intent to Move-This form is to be returned approximately 40-45 days prior to the date you intend to vacate your current unit. This will result in a relocation packet being issued to provide you with your voucher, maximum rent amounts, your Request for Tenancy Approval and additional resources to help locate a new unit.

Portability Informational Flyer-Description of how portability works; transferring your Housing Choice Voucher from one jurisdiction/agency to another.

Portability Request Form- This form is to be returned approximately 40-45 days prior to the date you intend to leave our jurisdiction.

Reasonable Accommodation-To be completed when a persons with a handicap or disability requires the Housing Authority to go outside of policy to ensure the person the opportunity to access housing, maintain housing, or for full use and enjoyment of the housing and establish that the need derives from the disability.

Statement of Zero Income Form-Required for any persons 18 years of age or older that has claimed zero income, has 100% excluded income per HUD regulations, or very low income and your expenses exceed said income.

Student Status Verification-Required for any persons 18 years of age or older attending school to verify enrollment status.

Tenant Certification Affidavit-This certification is used to confirm the information being requested when you are unable to obtain by the requested deadline, because you are unable to provide the information being requested, or to explain circumstances that cannot otherwise be verified with a 3rd party.

Third Party Certification-to be completed by a third party that is assisting a family directly to help meet their monthly expenses.

Tenancy Addendum-this lease addendum is how the Housing Authority and/or resident enforce the federal regulations that may override the lease agreement signed by the landlord and the resident.

VAWA Informing Notice provides information regarding your rights and protections as a person(s) experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

S8 UAP Direct Deposit Enrollment– Online enrollment for Utility Assistance payments to be received.

Make a DRA Payment On-line using PayLease – Information regarding how to setup your online PayLease account. You will need your monthly billing statement to register the first time you log in. Account must be created with a capital P at the beginning of your account number.

Low-Income Public Housing Clients

Make a Payment On-line using your checking or savings account, debit or credit card – You will need your monthly billing statement to register the first time you log in

Report Changes– Report changes in your LIPH Case 

Submit Work Order Request – Report a Repair or Maintenance Work Item

Community Service Requirements

Community Service Tracking Sheet

Community Service Certification


Contact Us Form – Contact us with your general questions or comments