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The Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program is the first federal housing program to provide housing to low and moderate income families in which the traditional role of the Owner and the Tenant are unchanged. Your participation enables a low-income family to have decent, safe and sanitary housing at a rent they can afford. 

Addressing Tenant Concerns Regarding Rent and the Temporary Suspension of Evictions for Nonpayment of Rent Flyer

In the on-going effort to maximize housing assistance funds available for our clients, use less paper, reduce environmental waste, provide additional security and become more efficient, Pierce County Housing Authority will transition away from issuing paper checks after May 4, 2015.  Use one of the Direct Deposit links below to enroll in our direct deposit program.  Please also watch your mail for additional information.

Direct Deposit Online Enrollment

Direct Deposit Enrollment Information & Form (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions for New Landlords – General knowledge regarding the Housing Choice Voucher program and how the Housing Authority operates to provide housing within the community.

Landlord Symposium Webinar


Pierce County Rental Assistance Program

Expediting payments (pdf)

Landlord Yardi Portal

How to complete a Request for Tenancy Approval (pdf)

HQS checklist (pdf)

Income Discrimination (pdf)

Landlord Mitigation Fund (pdf)

Rent Increase Request (pdf) -All rent increases must be submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to the date you wish for the increase to take effect-All rent increase requests may be returned to 253-620-5455 or via email

Landlord Rent Increase Request Schedule

Self Certification (pdf)-to be used when having to certify a repair on a failed inspection item

W-9 Form (pdf)

You enter into a Lease agreement with the Tenant. You sign a Contract with the Housing Authority assuring that a portion of your rent will be paid by the Authority. Your property must be inspected to see that it meets certain Housing Quality Standards (HQS), basically ensuring the housing is decent, safe and sanitary.

A sizable portion of the rent is guaranteed by HUD and paid directly to you by the Housing Authority. The Tenant pays the balance to you. Fair Market Rents (FMR) are set and approved by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and are adjusted annually. You have the option to select (and screen) any family certified by the Housing Authority as your Tenant. You may also post your vacancies at the Housing Authority and save on advertising costs. You deal directly with the Tenant.

Your rights are the same as they are in the private market. You select Tenants from the pool of eligible families maintained by the Housing Authority. You have the right to evict the Tenant in accordance with State law. You deal directly with the Tenant for any Tenant-caused damages.

Basically, these are the same as they are in the private market. You must perform your obligations under the Housing Authority Contract and Lease. You have the responsibility for maintaining and managing your unit. You pay utilities and services unless specified in the Lease as the Tenant’s responsibility. You collect the Tenant’s portion of the rent. You comply with the Fair Housing and equal opportunity requirements. 

Any questions, please call our office at 253-620-5400 or email the Landlord Liaison