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Landlords accepting Section 8 rental assistance may advertise their available unit on our website by completing the form to the right.

Please fill in the form completely.  Incomplete forms can not be posted on our site.  Your listing will be posted within the next few business days.  Please review your listing information prior to hitting the submit/send button. 

Please read our DISCLAIMER related to the terms and use of PCHA’s web enabled e-forms.

Changes and Corrections:

If you need to update your information, please email us at our Contact Us page and select “Landlord Property Information”.  Identify specifically what changes are needed to the listing.  Please include a phone number where you can be reached should we have any questions.  

Multiple submissions will be discarded.  Please Contact Us if you had a problem using our website listing form.  Restrictions to posting your information may apply.  By clicking on the submit button you agree to PCHA web eform usage guide.

Please remember this is a courtesy and abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.  Listing requests with descriptions longer than 25 words will be rejected.

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